About Our Rewards and Refer a Friend Program

    Refer A Friend Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Can Earn Points?

    As soon as your friend purchases, you will earn £5 to spend against any future purchase.

    How can I collect points?

    All you need to do is to refer a friend to Cox and Cox, if that friend then buys something from our online store then you are automatically awarded points to your online

    Is there a maximum amount of points I can earn?

    Yes at the moment the maximum of points you can earn is 500

    Will my reward points expire at any time?

    You have a full year to spend any points you earn, so plenty of time to decide what to buy.

    How many points can I use towards a purchase?

    If you have points you can use these points for up to 25% of the purchase price. For example if you had 25 points and were purchasing something for £100 then you could use your points to receive £25 off, leaving the total to pay £75.

    How many points do I get for referring a customer?

    For every friend you refer to Cox and Cox who buys something from us, you will be awarded 5 points (which are worth £5).

    Is there a limit to how many points I can earn a day?

    We do not want to encourage spam friend referrals and so we have set the limit of 20 points being earned per day per customer.

    What if my friend buys something else later on?

    At the moment we only award points for the first purchase your friend makes with us.

    How can I spend my points?

    Simply checkout on our store in the normal way but use the ‘reward points’ box to enter any points you have against a purchase.

    Can I use points when using a discount coupon?

    At the present if you use reward points you cannot also use a discount coupon and vice versa.

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