How to wrap Christmas presents with Jane Means

Known as the ‘Giftwrap Guru’, Jane Means is a gift wrap expert who runs gift wrapping workshops for clients worldwide. As we start our Christmas gift planning, we asked Jane to share her advice for those wishing to get creative with their wrapping paper and ribbons - so that we can all give luxury presents this year, whatever the gift. 

Every roll of luxury wrapping paper in our range has a complementing scheme of ribbons and gift tags so that finding a beautiful scheme is easy - and you can even match the gift to the tree with our Christmas trends. But how do you make the most of your chosen paper, ribbon, and tags when your Christmas gifts aren’t square? Jane talks us through how to wrap some common awkward shapes whilst addressing a few gift-wrapping questions to show us how.

How to wrap odd shaped gifts

A trick to awkward, oversized gifts is to create a custom-made gift bag out of your chosen wrapping paper. Beautiful wrapping doesn't need to fit the gift exactly.


Take the box your items arrived in, and loosely wrap it (if not suitable, find a box similar in size to your gift as your template).

Use double-sided tape to secure the bottom and the sides (always a neater finish). Leave one end open

Simply place the gift inside the gift bag and fold it over the top with a traditional double fold. 

Add decorative flourishes - a sprig of seasonal dried flora or a small tree decoration. Secure your ornament using the final tie of the bow.

How to wrap a wine bottle

Jane has used our robust Decorative Filigree Tissue Paper to show us how to expertly wrap a favourite gift for Christmas.

Cut a rectangular length of wrapping paper two and a half lengths of the bottle. Begin with the shortest length, and hold it against the bottle with one hand.

With the other hand, begin to pinch and pull the paper up and into the neck. Creating pleats as you go.

Once you arrive at the back of the bottle, swap hands. Beginning again at the front, and working towards the back, start the process again, tucking each pleat under the holding hand.

Stop at the last corner and pleat in the short bit. Keep pulling the paper up until the paper is tightly around the neck of the bottle.

8. Secure the paper with a tie of ribbon.


Finish with loops of ribbon to create an impressive bow.

How to wrap a gift bundle

Items that are flat and floppy such as clothes should be neatly folded into a compact size. With some clever folds and double-sided tape, make a gift pouch that is similar to an envelope. These can easily be pre-made saving a last-minute rush. 

Use your gift as a guide and measure your wrapping paper so it’s three times the size of the object with some excess at the sides.

Fold both full-length edges by approximately 1 inch / 2.5cm. Next section the paper into thirds; taking one section, and folding it against the next.

Pop your chosen gift inside the pocket that has now formed.

Neatly fold down the corners of the remaining third section to form the lip of your envelope.

Seal with double-sided tape, or simply secure with ribbon.

Secure a tag or ornament with the final tie of the bow.

How to make a gift bag

Creating a gift bag is the perfect solution for presenting gifts more professionally especially for soft presents where the wrapping paper on the parcel can end up looking pinched at both ends.

Use your gift to ensure that you have enough paper to go around with plenty of excess at the top and bottom. Seal along the seam with double-sided tape.

At the bottom of the paper, fold one short end over approximately 10cm.

Squeeze in both sides to form a double diamond.

Fold both diamond ends over into thirds and secure with tape.

Pop in your gift, and fold over the top edge, secure with tape.

Decorate with a complementing ribbon.

How to wrap a circular gift

There are many ways to tackle a circular gift, but here are Jane's tips for the candle, a much-loved choice when Christmas gift-buying.

Cut the paper to size using your gift, the paper should cover half of the bottom/top.

Wrap the paper around the gift and secure it with double-sided tape.

Begin at the crossover of the paper.

Fold small pleats around the top.

Once complete, tidy the final fold.

Secure with double-sided table for a neat finish.

Decorate simply with a length of complementing ribbon.

Top with a decoration (a clip tree decoration works well!)

How to enhance a flat parcel

Once you have wrapped a clothing gift, the flat parcel might look a little lacking. Here we take a wide ribbon and make a unique and luxurious finish to enhance the gift.

Take enough ribbon to wrap around the parcel with length to spare.

Twist the edges of the ribbon, creating the beginnings of a tie.

Next, cut an additional four pieces of ribbon, each with neat angled edges. (around 18-20cm in length).

Collect these lengths of ribbon and pinch them together at the centre to create the beginnings of your bow.

Nestle the centre into the original ribbon around the parcel, and make the final action to secure the pieces into this tie.

Tease all pieces of ribbon out to create your final impressive bow.

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