Why do Orders get Delayed? - June 2021

The global supply chain has experienced a crisis over the last year: Between the pandemic, container shortages, winter weather, the blocking of the Suez Canal and other logistics challenges, the situation has been and remains volatile.

The Pandemic Supply Chain
The COVID-19 pandemic has played a large part in bringing about a supply chain imbalance resulting in global shortages and delays that are ongoing today. Initially, suppliers pulled back on stock due to uncertainty about the effect of the pandemic on the market. This resulted in a fall in demand that the world had never seen before. When consumer buying surged demand, it naturally outstripped supply and overwhelmed the supply chains and the logistics industry, creating a series of immense challenges.

Container and Material Shortages
The huge spike in international trade volume and demand for cargo shipments to the UK, Europe and the US from Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent has driven a shortage of cargo equipment, brought congestion at ports, delays to shipping schedules and soaring freight rates. The knock-on effect on the global economy has seen many industries facing a shortage of raw materials and resultantly consumers are facing ‘out of stock’ goods when they shop.

The Global Outlook
The factors that are driving the supply chain challenges across the globe are expected to persist. The situation at the ports will not return to normal for some time, with the issue of acute equipment and capacity shortage expected to remain a challenge. Whilst demand continues to far outpace supply, with no apparent slowdown in sight, supply chain concerns will inevitably continue for some time yet.

How can we help
The number of ‘out of stock' lines on the website is higher than we would usually expect, but customers have the option to pre-order items to secure availability when stock is delivered or receive a notification when an item is back in stock. Orders will be allocated on a first-come basis while stock is available.

To Pre order or be notified when an item is in stock, please select this option on the product information pages. If you pre order an item the Estimated Arrival Time is our best estimated arrival time of your item into our warehouse at the time you place your order.

We continue to strive for the highest standards and have a team in place to conduct routine inspections to maintain the quality of our products. If on the rare occasion an item falls short of our standards, we will take corrective action. Unfortunately, this may cause a delay.

We can’t always give firm delivery dates, but we are doing everything we can to review and improve options for our customers daily and to minimise any delays caused by the global supply chain crisis. Our customers will receive regular updates on expected delivery dates so you will be informed should they change despite our best efforts.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

With best regards,
Richard Bell


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