A guide to buying the Christmas tree

Central to everyone’s Christmas is finding the perfect tree. Our range of fantastic realistic faux Christmas tree varieties offers a range of silhouettes - both contemporary and traditional, large and small, unlit and pre-lit with your perfect silhouette amongst them - just like hunting for the real thing! Take a quick look at our guide below to assist with the search.

When should I buy my Christmas tree?

‌The styling opportunities for interior lovers at Christmas are endless, and since the tree is so integral to a festive scheme, we’re often itching to get it up early to get started. A real tree shouldn’t, however, be bought too soon because it can be a challenge to keep it looking healthy - and no one wants a sad-looking tree come New Year. Consider investing in a faux Christmas tree if you like to dress early; you get to know your tree and all its possibilities, and there’s no limit to when you can get going.

Christmas tree size guide

‌When browsing think about available height and space. We recommend that your tree should be at least 20cm shorter than the ceiling to allow for a Christmas tree topper because a tight squeeze always looks a little ill-thought-out and a tree pushed against furniture can’t be dressed all the way around. 

Finding the right height for your Christmas tree

‌The general guide of at least 15 – 20cm of space between the top of your tree and the ceiling translates as half a foot in tree units. Remember Christmas tree stands can often add height to real trees; our tree rings do not add height to our faux trees, only disguise the functional stand.

Finding the right style of Christmas tree

Once location and size are established consider style. Take a look at the scheme of your desired or existing decorations. Most traditional trees in our range are made from polyethylene with PVC tips which means that the tips are so very realistic because they have been moulded individually. Find an alternative tree shape in every trend if looking for something other than pine and spruc‌e. To style faux trees first open the inner polyethylene tips wide, almost vertically, to hide the inner stem and to give the impression of a very full tree.




Where should I put my Christmas tree?

‌We tend to put our Christmas trees up in the same spot each year, a ritual amongst many when it comes to decorating the house. This may have been dictated by a desire to keep it alive – away from a radiator, by a window. With faux varieties, you can position your tree anywhere in your scheme; remember that a lamp table can be stowed until after Christmas to make space, (the lights of the tree can take over), and a faux tree will happily take the heat in the kitchen and a tree in the hallway is a warm welcome for guests. Slim or metal silhouette Christmas trees are great for narrower spaces, and Christmas wall art, like our White Metal Stars will deliver a festive atmosphere without compromising on space.

2023-10-18 14:10:00
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