How to choose the right light for your room

Our eclectic lighting selection has everything from antiqued table lamps to oversized pendants, all designed to create the look you want. Our lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes and this means various fixtures and fittings, switches and bulbs, please see use our guide to make updating your lighting easier.

‌“The right lighting can uplift and transform any room, it can add life to dull corners and inject personality and style into your space.”



The main flexes and switches

Please take time to look at the 'Size & Info' section for your chosen product, where details such as the colour and length of flex will be noted. Use this information to decide where to position your light and ensure a socket or fitting is available. 

What are the main bulb types?

Energy-saving bulbs may also be used in our lights. The table below explains the equivalent energy saving wattage.

Choosing the right pendant light

Each of our ceiling pendants needs to be wired into the mains, and so we recommend employing a certified electrician to ensure this is done safely and correctly. Most flexes on our pendants can be height adjusted, so make sure you discuss this with your electrician before fixing it.

Some, but not all, of our pendants include a ceiling fitting. You'll find this information on our website but we also recommend speaking to your electrician for advice on how to install it. 

Take a look below at the recommended fixings for pendant lights.

Please note, the images above are for guidance only, as fittings and fixtures come in many varieties.

Choosing the right bathroom light

When looking to add designer lighting to your bathroom follow the IP44 rating to position wall lights in Zone 2 of the bathroom. All electrified lights should be fitted by a qualified electrician who will fit bathroom lighting safely, but here is a brief guide to introduce bathroom lighting zones.

There are three main zones in the bathroom.

Please note, illustration is for guidance only, please check with a qualified electrician before installing lights in your bathroom.

Lighting zones in your bathroom


Inside the bath or shower tray. Any light fitting installed in this area must be low voltage (12v max). An IP44 light is not suitable here.

Inside the bath or shower tray. Any light fitting installed in this area must be low voltage (12v max). An IP44 light is not suitable here.


Directly above the bath or shower tray up to a height of 2.25m from the floor. Light fittings installed in this area should be IP44 or higher. If the fitting is 240V a 30ma RCD must be used to protect the circuit.


Over the bath or shower tray but above Zone 1, the area stretching 0.6 outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor. 

The area around the washbasin, if within a 60 cm radius of any tap. ‌Lighting in this area should be IP44 rated at least.

For further information and advice on all of our lighting products, please feel free to contact our customer services team at or on 0330 333 2123
Remember to always seek professional advice when fitting lights.

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