How to choose the right bar stools for your kitchen

The right stool to your kitchen bar will serve your home well, serving the busiest, most social room of the home. So before you make your decision, have a quick look at our guide below, which will help you find your perfect stool.

Bar stool dimensions

Whether you have a breakfast bar, island or custom counter, when browsing for your perfect stool always measure the height of the kitchen surface (‘counter height’) to which you wish to sit - this will help you to deduce its optimum seat height before you start to shop. 

‌“The kitchen surfaces against which we sit can vary and so can the seating, often by as much as 30cm in height.”



MEASUREMENT A -  Counter height

MEASUREMENT B - Stool height


Tip: Seat heights are measured from the front top surface to the floor, (the lowest surface of the seat if moulded).

Tip: Counter heights are measured from the underside to the floor, (not from the counter surface to the floor).

How to measure bar stool height

For anything more than a casual perch, stools should provide plenty of space to accommodate various-sized legs in various chosen positions! When stools are too tall it might be quite uncomfortable to dine or sit for longer periods of time so to avoid the pinch follow our general rules on legroom.

Standard counter height varies between 89 - 94cm

Stool heights vary between 58 - 72cm

‌“Optimum legroom offers the right amount of space to move, it allows for leg crossing and avoids that trapped feeling of perching with a stooped back. Simply measure from the underside of the counter to the floor, then subtract your legroom to calculate the rough height of your required stool.”



How many bar stools fit around the island?

In order to take a relaxed seat, move, work or dine at your counter, consider carefully how many counter stools will comfortably fit side by side at your chosen surface. 

]Counter stool seat widths vary between 42 - 55cm

Stool heights vary between 58 - 72cm

How to choose bar stools

‌Once the size of your stool has been established, the fun bit starts & it's time to browse for your look! The right stool has the ability to enhance your kitchen style as an accent. Timeless designs come in contemporary and traditional silhouettes to suit most tastes – don't forget to consider whether you require a cushioned seat, a backrest, a footrest and adjustable height. Dark-toned metal designs suit industrial-toned schemes well, and a stool crafted from wood brings a natural quality, that will set a relaxed tone.

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